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Action release lever on Supernova


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I recently purchased a Supernova Tactical and I have a questions regarding the action release lever. I know that pressing the lever will release the action and allow me to rack the slide by unlocking it. But, when I press the lever to release the action, do I have to hold the action release lever up, or is it supposed to lock when I press it up? I have to hold mine up and it does not lock. Is this normal? The manual specifies press only, not press and hold so i just want to make sure that my new SN is ok. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Edit to add: Also when I had the action release lever held up and I tried bringing the slide back it did not go back all the way at first and it was as if it was caught on something, but I put it forward and the brought it bacl again and it worked. So wondering about this too.



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If memory serves me correctly, you have to hold it in until the action has moved a bit, then you can release it. It doesn't lock. Having it do that would increase the chances of having it accidentally pressed and having the action open when not wanted.


Tucker is right. Hold it for the first half inch or so.

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