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M2 Tactical


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I have been looking at the M2 Tactical and the FN SLP 18" and looking at the pros and cons. Any advice on these two shotguns. I know in a Benelli Forum I will get great info on the M2 but just checking because some of you might have both.


I do own Benelli's and love how simple they are but the concern with the M2 is the inertia compared to the FN gas operated when it comes to mounting items. Does anyone have the M2 tactical and installed a Pic. rail on top to mount some kind of optic? If so have there been any issues with light to heavy loads?



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I bought an FN SLP and I love it. I have an M2 Tactical, and I love it also. I ended up puting a hunting barrel on the M2, and use the FN as my tactical shotty. If you just want it for defence, and would like to save hundreds of dollars over an M4, get the FN. The only downside with the gas system on it is you have to change a part to switch between low and high power ammo, but it swaps out in less than a minute. Man, it has a mean cycling rate. I can empty that thing faster than any shotty I own. It's never malfunctioned on me. It is a great and well made shotgun for the price. It is pretty low recoil even with the heavy loads to boot.

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