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Nova vs Rem 870


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I know that the Remmy 870P, the police model that goes through a special assembly line to make it superior to the standard 870's is much beloved and used in the field of law enforcement.


But my question is, how does this old favorite stack up next to the Nova?


I'd like pro's and cons on each gun. I'm looking for a second 12g that's not gas operated.




So NOVA or 870?

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I'm split on the issue.


I want an 870 because I've never had one and there are tons of parts available to make it nice and crazy.


Novas are a better stock gun, but they don't have much of an aftermarket offering ... I dunno.


Sorry, I'm not much help. I'd probably get both, or get whichever you didn't already have.


Either will serve you well.

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