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Proud new M4 Poppa..


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I finally just received my new, used M4 which I bought from Cabelas Kansas City. I posted a few days ago that they couldn't tell me what model it was, even though they claimed to have the box, and I finally got disgusted and bought it.


I am relieved to find it did come in the original, correct serial-numbered box, and it is a 11707 with two gas ports. It appears unfired, although the choke tube appears to have had a few rounds through it. I wonder if they test fire M4's at the factory.


I have two questions, if someone would be so kind:


1. The box says "M4 LR PG STD LE COLL". Does that mean it has the milled tube which is ready for a collapsible stock, should I decide to cough up the bucks? And what do LR And STD stand for? And is LE Law Enforcement or Limited Edition?


2. In the box were the manual, IPB, a cheap tactical light, and the choke tool. The only choke is installed and is a modified. Do they come new with other chokes, and is the modified a good choice for OO? Seems like IC or even more open would be better.


Thanks for any answers, and I am VERY happy with the feel of the M4.

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1) - Yes, any 11707 is milled to take a collapsible stock. Check for yourself though ... pop out the trigger group and twist the stock off to see the recoil tube. I don't know what the LR would be ... I would say low recoil normally, the 4 gas port barrel is the "low recoil" barrel ... LE is Law Enforcement, as there are no limited edition 11707s as far as I know.


2) - M4s used to come with 3-4 chokes years ago, now apparently they only come with 1. Modified is a good choice for 00, but you can shoot 00 through any constriction. You'll have to pattern your gun/choke/ammo of choice to find the optimum setup for what you want to achieve.


Congratulations on your purchase, and welcome aboard the m4 club. :)


Now buy a full length tube/spring!

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Thanks, Duggan, very helpful. I have a question in to Cleefurd regarding lead times, and intend to buy a tube from him as soon as he responds.


The barrel is not marked "low recoil" and I see only two ports. Would four ports be clearly distinguishable?


Also, this M4 has some sort of tritium sights. Is that stock?


Thanks for your help.

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Yes, the milled recoil tube allows for 3 positions.


Yes, you would be able to see the 4 gas ports if they were there.


Tritium sights are not stock, but are a factory option. They are most likely made by Trijicon or Meprolight, I forget which one is the factory sights.

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