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Benelli M4 CQB Setup....WIW?


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Not an add....just trying to judge the market as I got a nice Chevelle I may purchase and need to free up some funds.


I have a Benelli 11721 (18.5" barrel, Collaspable Stock and PG Stock), I also have a 7 round one piece tube, a 14" barrel that is also ported on the end, and a FAB Defense forend plus original box, manual and chokes. The shotgun is an NFA Registered SBS on a Form 4 but I could remove it from the registry and sale the CQB barrel seperately as a last resort.


The 14" barrel has about 75 rounds throught it and the 18.5" has about 10.


See pics below...






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If you want to know what it's worth, put it up for sale at a price you have in mind. If it sells, that's what its worth. If not, that's not what its worth.



I have no idea, thats why I was trying to get an opinion, not a useless response. Dont want to short myself or ask an unrealitic price. Thanks though!!!:rolleyes:

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What I'm saying is, what is "market value"? First, you have an unusual set-up. Second, if we're figuring how much your set up is worth buying it 1st hand it'll probably go like this (roundabout figures):


Benelli M4 = $1450.00

Col. Stock = $750.00

2nd Barrel = $850.00

Getting 2nd Barrel cut = $250.00

SBS Form Tax = $200.00


Total = $3500.00


Buying from you, add another $200.00 for your transfer to a Form 3, and we're up to $3700.00


Not to come down on you, but I don't think anyone would want to pay $3700.00 for it, so in the end you'll probably looking at losing at least $600.00 - $800.00 before you draw some interest. And even then, for some it'll be a tough sell (headache) because of the BATFE transfers. Now the question is would you want to price it at $2900.00 - $3100.00? I doubt it.

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