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Testing the Vinci


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A couple of Fridays ago I got my hands on one from our rep. Took it apart, examined it and shot about 75 rounds though it. This gun is NICE!!! It comes apart easy and when assembled it is totally solid and no movement. The Magazine comes out for easy cleaning.


Stock-The new comfortech stock is the best I have seen from them. You can actually shoulder it and pull it into your shoulder and can see the back chevron(the bigger one that come from one side of stock to the other) compress. Although the newer stocks are longer and come with the medium pad I still think Benelli could get away with adding a little more length and maybe offering 2 length of pads in the box. Just my opinion.


Trigger- It feels the same as far as the poundage to pull it however it has zero creep. It is awesome.


Bolt- this Thing is easy and comes out of the back of the barrel/receiver with ease. The Rep showed me and then I did it with ease.


Shims- I did not take them out but I did see how easy they were to put in and take replace


Weight- I was a moron and did not compare the actual weight (we have a digital scale at our shop) to a SBEII as we have one BUT it has to be about 1/4 to 1/2 lb lighter or at least felt that way. It was super well balanced and super easy to shoulder.


Butt and Comb pad- the stock butt pad is way nicer than the older one. It still is the same pop-in concept. The comb pad is a little smoother and seemed a little harder than the previous one. It is interchangeable for the higher comb pad and so on. It is still soft but I think it being a little harder will keep it from popping out like some were known to do in the past.


Shouldering- It was SOOOOO nice!!! This thing may be ugly to some but when you put it up to the shoulder the looks go away REALLY quickly.


Extras- The bolt release is easier than most after market bolts. The bolt can be pressed on the front or back side of the bolt closer. Pushing the forward side will release the bolt. Pushing with a little force on the back side will release the shell against the carrier plate. Pushing the plate will release the shell. For the hunters out there this will be awesome. Sorry for my lame explanation... It is a cool feature. Way easier to unload a gun.


Bolt- it came out of the gun with ease and was all right there and no tools needed to take it apart. Even the bolt handle cannot come out with out the bolt being in the right spot in the reciever. No more lost bolts(never seen that happen but...). The bolt slides in the action so smooth. The smoothest of any gun I have felt off the shelf. This is a plus.


Shooting. I shot double trap and regular trap as I didn't have time to shoot sporting clays. I love the swing of this gun. What was truly amazing was the recoil. For as light as this gun is I was REALLY suprised that the kick was as light as it is. I shot some 1250fps 1 1/8 oz Fiocchi White Rinos and no issues. I shot some 1 oz 1200FPS and 1250fps and 1300fps Fiocchi shells and no issues. I even shot a 1350fps 1 1/4 oz shell and felt no different than the White rino's. This was cool.


With that being said the gun only had less than 100 rounds through it before I shot it and it was pretty dry inside. I did try some 1 oz low recoil 1150fps with about 75% success. It hung on some 2nd shell feeds. Since it was working off and on a little more breaking in of the gun and some lube would probably cure that issue. Other than that it worked well.


My only complaint was the length. My gun is 15 1/4 LOP and sometimes that even feels short. I get it if this is a hunting gun because of the clothes that hunters wear but if they decide to put this technology in their sporting gun the length at the shortest should be 14 3/4's. Also the weight, sporting guns need to be around 8-8.5lbs at the lightest. If not it is harder to track longer birds. Weight is key. They fixed this on their SS they are selling in the Performance shop but this gun can't take a screw on weight as there is no screw on caps or threads. The module magazine piece will not allow it unless they built in.


Would I by one??? ABSOLUTELY, YES, NO DOUBT and it is already on order. I guess my only other complaint is the Rep said they don't make the APG color with a 28 inch barrel. I had to settle on the MAX 4. Oh well, ha, ha... I cannot wait to hunt something with this bad boy

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thx that answered alot of my questions i just ordered mine yesterday but i have to wait for it to get to the store i guess bass pro shops cant even get them yet i had to get it in astor that specializes in benellies i cant wait to get it, what was your trap scores some one told me u cant get over a 23 with a benelli

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