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  1. this may help you and zach, of you pheasent hunt i heard on the hunting channel that you can sell pheasent feathers for people to build fishing flys with. or build them and sell them may help.
  2. well I have always wanted to start my own duck dog kennel when im allitle older i plan to, my dad use to train hunting dogs, so ive learned some from him so I want to do it all my self to prove to him and my grandpa that I can, ive watched alot of hunting shows and even the bird dog shows the labs bark till commanded, so I dont see it as a big deal im considering a choker chain so when she goes to do that initial first pull she will get the idea. i dont know if that would work or not??
  3. thanks ive been throwing the dummies and holding my dogs leash and letting her just stand there and yank until she figures out shes not leaving haha but the i will unclip the leash without her seeing and yell fetch and then repeat over and over for about 20 minutes shes getting allitle better still as soon as she sees the dummy its full speed ahead than she just barks till i let her go but i dont let her off till she quits pulling the leash like when theres allitle slack.
  4. exactly my dogs problem i could do the bolt thing i really dont want to resort to a shock caller ive seen dogs really change from them, i have a check cord but im not exactly sure what to do with it i bought a kit from bass pro shops with a duck scent, a bumper, and check cord. my biggest issue is my dad and grandpa they think she needs to stay still and get told when to get the bird so its a matter of satisfying them if i cant get her trained by next season im gonna try the bolt thing cause im tired of sooting withing walking distance, i did find this website that had an idea to put your dog
  5. sorry about that ive gotten this bad habit of hitting shift then the number it was sopposed to be 7 not & sorry
  6. I have a & yr old lab and i cannot get her to wait to retrieve until i command her to she bolts off as soon as the dummy is thrown or bird falls and its not safe with hunting in the blind she can stay pretty well but when a duck or dummy comes she takes off what can I do to stop this even though shes older?
  7. steady grip for sbe2? i heard some people say if you have a sbe2 you can get it free is that true? and whats the details on that.
  8. hey i was wondering if anyone has expierience with brileys chokes i bought a ported extended black oxide spectrum choke and havent shot it yet but i plan to compete with it. any competitive trap shooters that can give me a review of this thing?
  9. doesent it just pop out with a hammer and screw driver? then just flip it around. unless you have to go in the for arm peice and use some micro tool to get to it
  10. so your saying benelli does not own stoeger and franchi? but what still bothers me is if beretta is the higher up company why do alot of people still choose a benelli over a beretta if they have the money the extrema if cheaper than an sbe2, when things like whats better m2 or m2000 stoeger, obviusly you would choose the benelli.
  11. ive been hearing alot of mixed stories about either benelli owns beretta or did for some period of time or beretta owns benelli whats the truth to this or is there no relation at all?
  12. I hated my save it shell catcher just went back to a black rubber band so it wouldnt mess up my sight. the save it catcher really screwed up my eyes when shooting in my opinion it dont work well at all
  13. i really like having the options of the shims and i wish i had that option on my first gun because i couldnt put my cheek on the stock and still see over the rib so ide hold my cheek up allitle witch now i can shoot fine that way after thousands of rounds of clays,trap,skeet and ducks, so the shims are kinda important for me now.
  14. im almost 100% sure benelli has a youth/ladies montefeltro might be worth looking at its the monte or legacy one of the two
  15. end of duck season... the most depressing time of the year.
  16. did you see how much it weighs?! 4.9 pounds that's amazing how much lighter could a functioning shotgun even get?
  17. nice, hey its the only geese we get its better than nothing and I here they arent half bad eating wise
  18. can anyone give me some tips on snow geese calling I bought a little cheap haydels snow call and I have no clue how to use it we dont get many geese here but ide like to be able to call em when i see them can anyone give me allitle bit of a how to guide on snow calling.?
  19. i really like my kicks choke ive only had one cripple this year with it every other one has been clean kills and I shoot some passing "we get alot of teal" i try to decoy em but you take what you can get and my friend who has a sbe2 bought one after he tried mine and he has been getting alot cleaner shots too, i have no expierience with pattern master I think they are too expensive. black cloud shoots fine out of a kicks high flyer ive been shooting it with no problems if you were wondering, my friend with the sbe2 shoots strickly kents and he hasnt had a problem.
  20. i agree but the testing they put through each vinci with zero malfunctions is pretty promising in my opinion ive never had a single problem with mine exept learning how to put it together now it takes 10 seconds:D
  21. I halfways agree with you but my vinci is black:D but i dont like certain guns black vinci is an exeption because my dad said the camo will ware off witch it sounds like benellis stay on pretty well and camo looks allitle of at trap events so does black but it aint a fashion show, in my opinion 870s shouldnt be black any beretta shouldnt be black and certain benellis shouldnt be black. i prefer wood over anything for a upland or spesific sporting clay gun but for waterfowl its gonna get dinged up.
  22. i would go 1100 youth the regular 1100 is great if he wants to bird hunt and shoot targets its made for both and i know the recoil on the twelve guage isnt that bad and theres a 7 yr old who shoots one where I trap shoot and hes fine with it so im sure he would be good.
  23. if your glasses ever fog up rain x works great
  24. alot of people really do like the 1100 and beretta 391 they are great crossover guns for birds and clays, Ive tried em both and the 391 didnt fit me right and the 1100 had allitle more recoil and muzzle jump not enough to effect anything though. the vinci seems to be the winner in my book that or the 1100, I did notice one of my friends use to shot an old trap 1100 and was amazing in trap for his division and he got a g3 1100 i think its called and now he doesent shoot good at all just a suggestion for the 1100s. good luck with the decision
  25. I have been shooting 3in 3s in black cloud for ducks and the recoil is really light i can stay on the bird fine for a second shot if needed and when im hunting I stand in almost a skeet shooting position so with most guns you can get quite a kick from that way and i havent had a load hurt me yet i can shoot competitions all day with it of course those are light loads and still after a couple hundred rounds my arm is fine so recoil shouldn't be an issue i did hold it allitle off when I first got it and hit my nose a few times:rolleyes: but that wasnt the guns fault.
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