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  1. Just curious how that is possible? I ordered my tube on 19DEC and Kip called about 2 days later to say he would be in NM for a month, but I should have my tube by end of Jan/early Feb. Still don't have today, even though my credit card was charged 3.5 weeks ago. I know everyone on this forum loves Kip, but come on. I don't mind waiting as long as it's not on my nickel. Almost a month after being charged I still don't have my tube, Kip does not respond to email and his voice mail inbox is full and will not accept messages. Very unprofessional.
  2. Bill - Benelli has the Montefeltro Youth. This is what my 8year-old shoots. If I remeber correctly, the Monty Youth has the shortest LoP of any AL youth gun, comes with shims to adjust fit, and accepts the full size stock when they get big. The Beretta 391 Youth's LoP is just a little longer, a little heavier, and is a gas gun, but probably the best gas shotgun out there (except for my M4:D), while I would argue the Monty is the best shotgun overall due to its simplicity. Both guns are great (as are the Remington 1100 and 1187 youths). The 391 being gas instead of Inertia Drive, it
  3. You won't lose you finger, you need an M1 to do that:D My M4 was the same when I got it. Very tight. I pulled the gun apart per the manual, cleaned and oiled. That helped a little, but the thing that has helped the most is feeding it. It will loosen up a bit by the first 150-200 rounds.
  4. The only cycling problems I have ever had in an inertia gun were from 5/8oz 20ga loads to break in my son - not the gun. Of course it was the boy who had the final laugh when he then picked up Grandpa's 12ga and started blasting away. There's a smart**s. You could always find some poor Doolie and borrow his gun to do some experimenting. Hate for you to scratch your own........
  5. Supersports are popular at my club. Vincis seem to be slow gaining acceptance due to looks. Of course the laughing stops when the shooter hits all 25. Either will do that. My son shoots a youth Monty and is very happy with it and there are several full size Montys at the club. At the end of the day, fit is the most important in any sporting gun. Get someone knowledgeable to measure you for LoP and Drop then find something that feels comfortable when you mount the gun. If you get a gun that fits, you can easily shoot most any discipline. As far as operation, I like the inertia
  6. Thanks for the input! We tried a few guns from friends and were able to shoot a couple, including an 1100. At the end of the day, he said the Monty felt the most comfortable when mounted - most likely due to the shortest LoP of what we looked at. We went that route and visited the club yesterday. It is light and therefore more recoil than some of the others we tried, but after a couple of boxes he still wanted to shoot. I have yet been able to wipe the grin off his face. Maybe Hoppes 9 will work...............
  7. How does Carlson compare with Briley? Who else makes good extended chokes? I'm shooting skeets not geese :-)
  8. Spoke with Kip a few weeks ago. Seems to be a real stand-up guy. Now patiently waiting on tube:-) I think he said he was going to start shipping again this week or next. Took a while to get the old lock-tite to release anyway...............
  9. That is my understanding from Kip. He is supposed to be shipping again soon.
  10. My 8yo is getting interested in shooting sports, especially clays. He has been shooting his grandfather's Franchi 48al 20ga, and though he is having fun, that gun is beating him to death and is awkward for his 8yo frame. I'm looking at a couple of shotguns and would like feedback. 1. Benelli Montefeltro Youth 2. Beretta AL391 Youth 3. Other Thanks!
  11. I would prefer to speak to Kip directly rather than airing my grievances on an open forum.
  12. Kip - I have tried to contact you through your website and have also called twice since Thanksgiving. Please PM me about your magazine tube. Thanks.
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