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Legacy 1oz. load


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Hi folks, I have been shooting a Legacy 12ga. for some time now and when I use 1oz. remington high velocity loads, although they cycle ok, I may get a good size flame out of the ejection port on firing. I'm guessing that the gun is cycling before all of the powder is being burnt in the chamber. Has anyone experienced this in a Legacy or similar Benelli shotgun? Could the bolt not be locking up long enough to completely burn all of the powder?

I do not have this problem with 1 1/8 loads of any manufacture.


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Slow burning powder would be my guess. You are correct in that its just not all burned by the time the action opens. Generally, not a problem, but more of an annoyance. You shoudln't notice it during the day in normal sunlight.


When it comes to gunpowder, slow or fast is a relative term. They're probably using a slow powder to get high velocity.

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