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GG&G Bolt Release Problems?


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I have never heard of any issues, and it comes highly recommended. However, I still feel the need to ask. Other than installation (which I will update you all tomorrow on how that works out for me...), has anyone had a problem with this? I know Duggan did until he lok-tited it (user error, as he admits), but nothing else. Has anyone ever had this thing go TU even after lok-tite or anything?

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I installed my GG&G today. It took approximately 10-15 minutes (I un-installed my OEM bolt stop the other day, that is not included in this time-estimate).


I encountered no idiot marks or other significant problem. I was the only person involved in the work. It was straight foreward and simple.


My method was simple--hold the part in-place with the roll-pin already started in the hole. I then threaded an allen-wrench the size of the pin through the part and applied pressure to it, holding the tip of it against the roll-pin. I then hammered the roll in through. I had a minor misalignment with the second hole, which I applied minor pressure to the GG&G bolt-release and then it popped into alignment. I continued with the roll-pin, careful not to hammer it into the path of the bolt track.


I then used red lok-tite after applying gun-scrubber and then alcohol to the small bolt and female threads alike to remove any grease from packing/etc.


It is now installed and I find it very comfortable. Thanks for the recommendation Duggan!

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