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lighter recoil springs for M2


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If anyone has experience with putting lighter recoil springs in their M1 or M2 I could use some advice. Mine is a home defense gun. I would like to use the lighter recoiling Tactical shotshells. I know that is a problem with the Inertia recoil system of the Benelli. From what I understand the Benelli can handle the hottest loads as it comes from the factory. I have no need for 3" magnum round capability. Maybe at the most I would shoot some standard load 2 3/4" Slug rounds.If I should go to a lighter spring what would the limitations be as far as the heaviest load I can use without harm. Any specific spring recommendation would be appreciated also. Thanks.


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http://www.gunsprings.com is a good source for that kind of stuff. I don't know specifically about pros and cons of using a lighter spring but have heard they work. The description of their light Benelli spring says it's for the Super 90 but I think I've read here that it works in other models. Ask them first or maybe someone here know for sure.
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