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Shortened Benelli Stock completed.


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For those of you that like a shorter buttstock on the M4.


I took a cue from previous pioneers in this task and did the same thing, but my way.


The following thread showed the buttstock cut in a miter box, then some thin pieces of foam were made to conform to the inner stock shape and served as dams.


The two sides of the stock were filled with Marine Tex putty and then allowed to dry, then sanded..........




Here it is completed, total length about 36.5 inches, tape you see is unstretched cause I'm holding the camera and tape with hands, and foot at the bottom.......





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Good work, I've been meaning to do this.


A stock m4 is 39.5 inches long, so you lost 2.25 inches of pull (if you are measuring properly that is).


Job well done IMO.


Thank you. If you don't have a belt sander, to sand and shape the pad and spacer, then you could carefully use a sanding disc and your drill, or even a dremel, but that would take approximately 78 million hours.

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what is your LOP exactly (Length of pull) That's from the center of the trigger to the end of the buttstock. Benelli's usually are 14+1/4 inches. What is tours now?



My LOP from your criteria for measure is 12.5 inches.


After your question, I started to measure my AR and Surgeon rifle out of curiosity.....






Interesting how they came out randomly or not so ramdomly to match the ranges each one was geared towards. Shotgun to rifle/close to far.





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Hey ER,


Really nice work! My wife loves the M4 but she's only 5' 3" and the chimpanzee-styled LOP on this thing makes it a challenge for her. You have blazed a trail that I am bound to follow, and soon.


Your photos nicely document the stock cut-down, and how you used the Marine Tex to fill the stock voids. I'm curious about the other part -- the butt plate/pad work you did. Did you use a stock Benelli M4 pad and sand it to shape, and tap some holes into the Marine Tex? I tried to imagine how this would work... cut off the part of the butt plate that "goes into" the stock... and then shape the outline to match the profile/cross section of the new stock-end. Is this roughly what you did?


Can you kindly provide additional details on these aspects?


Thanks in advance!

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added TIA at end
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