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SL 80


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Ok, look, I bought the 121 series SL 80 that I was looking at last fall. I'm finally getting time to look over a few things and get back into research on the thing. I can't find squat.


M1014, you seemed to answer a few questions before when I was looking at the weapon. Where would I find more information. HKPro doesn't have anything that I can find, and there is nothing helpful on CDNN as far as parts or anything. Someone on some forum said they've got all the parts left for any of these things, so if they don't have an M1 reciever/barrel am I just stuck with custom fab for an extended mag??


Also for note. THIS IS MY FIRST SHOTGUN!!!!!!! and for certain my first Benelli. Um, ......................


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first Saftey,,don't shoot an unfamiliar weapon,,second,,lets get a look at the weapon,,post some multiple pics of the sl80-121 so we can better examine what your saying ,,third,,you will need a manual,,start a web search,,,fourth,,keep up,,when I reply you reply,,,,I say this because of you're lack of expierence on Benelli shotguns,,,,and the uniqueness of the pre 1986 Benelli shotguns,,,you and I can both learn from this but you got to stay in touch this time,,don't go running off for a year,,the 121 m1 is a great shotgun,,lets have fun and share the wealth,, smile.gif :cool: ;)

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Ok, sorry for the lack of contact last time, School and work took up all my time last semester, so I didn't really keep up with anything much.


How do I post a pic of the Shotgun. Thank you so much for posting the above pictures. That already showed me one major difference in the two. It seems you have a VERY different forend cap setup, and I'm wondering how the barrel/receiver are secured to the lower receiver (as compared to my model, which is simply through the forend/magtube cap)


Did you purchase the above shotgun like it is, or did you modify it?


If I figure out how I'll post pics. It's not that pretty, but I wanted a project, so I'll refinish the cosmetic issues/replace a few things......


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OK, well sorry if you got my test on this, but I think I've figured it out, this is edited from the original test post (my Husky). here it goes.




Yes, it's got a scope on it. Yes I'm repenting and pleading for forgiveness, etc. so on. Just for anyone curious it's a Leupold VX-III 1.75-6X 32mm. Benelli2.gif

It came with the bolt also. I'm really not sure if I'm going to leave it like that or not.....







So yeah, first shotgun, etc. just as a reminder. Either the scope will stay on if I think the slug barrel can actually take advantage of it (after I shoot it), or my Marlin 336 will inherit it.


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Thanks, I think the pics make it look better, but either way, I love it. Just cycling the bolt by hand feels smoother than anything I've handled (shotgun). I'm chomping at the bit to shoot it. Oh, forgot to mention in this thread; it did come with a 26"? smooth bore (terminology for that is....?) barrel.


Now if I can get you to sell me that 1983 M1 when I have the cash M1014, I'll be simply heavenly. Let me give away an evil secret of my age, but that's my birth year, so these models are like buying one of those little books that have everything about your birth year, except they include a stamp from H&K smile.gif , which makes the history even nicer for me (German heritage, blah blah blah).

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Thanks again, but someone translate my dilemna for me:


a). I'm in love with this thing already, even before I've been able to shoot it (hopefully the weekend, work schedule).


b). Unless I find otherwise through study of the manuals that Benelli is sending me, I will have to custom fabricate a mount for a larger mag tube, etc., as well as stock/forend. Mainly because I can't find an M1 barrel that anyone's got ANYWHERE!!


SOOOO>>............ Does anyone have/know where to get a short (18/20") shot barrel from a 121 M1. I realize this would include the upper reciever, but it would allow me to essentially swap the gun from "stock" to something else (longer tube) and back again, thus alieviating my problems with not wanting to molest my original parts.


I'll ask more in time, but I've got a TON of questions for ya'll who have the answers, and I can't find a really usefull thread on these things anywhere on the forum yet, so..........


Thanks guys


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Oh, one more thing. For immediate use, I'd really like to put an extension on the release lever. Would it be too evil if I just machined my own, or should I try to get an original Benelli piece? That's the only thing that annoys me about the gun (at all)

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I saw that the other day, but the lady on the phone there couldn't tell me jack squat about what exactly it was. Why is that the only one that doesn't require an FFL??? Is it only the barrel. If so, how hard is it to get the barrel separated from the upper reciever?? The picture has the whole assembly (which would be ideal. It's also only a 2 3/4 in chamber. Did they not make a longer chamber??


Just curious, but can you confirm from your M1 that the parts # is the correct one?




(by the way, Sigs don't rust )

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Wow, Numrich's customer service SUCKS!!!!!!!


Nevertheless, I ordered two of those barrels. For the price I figured it's worth it.


OK, big question, did these EVER come with 3" or larger chambers???


I'll look at other threads to figure out getting the bolt out (assuming it's the same as the newer ones.)


Are there only 3 people on here that have something other than the newest, biggest, baddest guns??? (Not that I don't like the new ones, but old is cool too). Just curious.

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Check out numrich gunparts http://www.e-gunparts.com/


I picked up a brand new barrell for my M1 121 3 or 4 months ago. The only problem I have with my 121 is the receiver hole for the latch that holds the rounds in the magazine seems to be worn. When I fire it'll throw a round onto the feed paw before the fired round is extracted!



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Wow, I would love to know, I bought some stuff at the shop I work at 2 weeks ago and shot it through there. I evidently picked up one box of steel shot (oops) by mistake. I hope it didn't do anything to the barrel if you can't shoot it out of these.


Update on the shooting by the way. All I was really doing was spotting crap on a river and had a friend give me some random targets or shoot first with a .22........


WOW. HOLY CRAP THAT THING IS FAST AND SMOOTH. I just had to be curious about the "lightning fast" inertia action that everone talks about. At least in my hands, an 870 wouldn't have a chance against this thing smile.gif I'M IN LOVE (more).... Now to get that mag tube made when I find the spare time (what's that?) and see how it does with the 20 inch cylinder bore.

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oh yeah, M1014, wherever you are, thanks a TON for those pics you sent. They were more than helpful and I think I should be able to work with it now that I have a better idea of what to be thinking about.


I could have just made something up that would work, but it's nice at least to know how it is "supposed" to be>>> Still might not go exactly according to stock configuration, but I don't have one in my hand to copy..


Ok, that's it for now

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