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How can you tell which # of ports on a M4


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I am wondering, I thought the posrts were the pistons, but to make sure, how can I tell which # of ports I have on my M1014 Commemerative edition?


Where is it that I am looking, at the base of the piton towards the buisness end there is 4 holes on each piston, does mean I have the 4 port version?


If it is, Does Benelli switch to the 2 port version under waranty?


I guess it all comes down to the gun for how it will cycle, but what say you about this and what will most likely be the outcome?


If someone can post a picture of the port location for identification and any information, I would appreciate it

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Searching through, I have found I guess you identify it through the barrel, about on top of the piston there will be holes, Mine has 2 holes, so its a 2 port I guess

That's correct. They're fairly difficult to see. Look through the chamber and shine a light through the muzzle.

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