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Benelli M1 Super 90 Barrel ??


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I have a Benelli M1 Super 90, It has a 26 in barrell and I want a shorter barrell. Will the 18" magnum barrell (also called slug barrell)work ok or will I need something else.


Also, I can't even find a 18" barrell on the Benelli site.


What lenght barrell would have came on this gun?



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Mine came as the M1 Super 90 Tactical.




The bbl is 18.75" smooth bore,chrome plated. I don't have the ghost sights or any choke tube options. I have replaced the bbl with a 24" rifled bbl and put a Burris 1.75-5x scope on it. The original bbl sits in the closet collecting dust but I won,t sell it for resale reasons. It has it's own forearm as the new slug bbl requires a different forearm.


Try here:



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