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SuperNova ejects loaded shells out the bottom instead of into the chamber.


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Haha, I don't know whether I laughed harder at Duggan's post, or yours. They were both full to bursting with BS, ignorance and witty self-destructive rhetoric, the only difference I can see is that one was satire, and one was heartfelt and genuine.


PS. What is a "product manager"?


Let me see what google has to say about that. Hold


Manages all aspects of marketing programs for specified product(s). Designs, develops, and executes marketing strategies and directs advertising and promotional activities. May include research and evaluation of new products.


^That is what I found. Which begs the question...product manager for WHO or WHAT, and how loosely/strictly do you follow the generic guideline that I found above? Are you really in a position to insult someone's socio-economic status? How do you feel that the economy is going to affect you? Do you normally identify yourself with your job to this level? Does it take THAT much of your life? Do you identify with it because the only way you define yourself is through it? Have you wondered how healthy/unhealthy this mindset may be? If the economy or some other factor outside of your control were to cause your job to become obsolete, do you think you would de-stabalize, or become introverted and anti-social? How would you deal with these feelings of loss of identity?


Wow, this is some deep **** Unobtanium. I guess to answer your question without getting too caught up in your waylay I would simply say that I don't identify with being a product manager (although I am good at it). I went to school for things that let to this road, which many of us are finding in these uncertain times. Before this I ran the 3D Mechanical Design and 3D Animation departments for Hallmark Engineers in Atlanta Georgia and before that I was many things, including a Parts Cutter/Welder/Finisher for Thule. So before going on much further, if I were to loose my job I would not crumble, but learn from my mistakes and move on. For now I will walk this path, having fun with my Benelli the whole way.

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Maybe for you. Both of my Benellis are the same. Compared to my Model 12's, there's a huge difference.



I have a model 12 featherlight. Pretty slick action. But no recoil pad. So I had it refinished by winchester and it sits above my fireplace. (grandfathers gun)

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