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Choke Tube Threads Rust


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Remember that even though the barrel of the Benelli`s are chrome plated the area machined for the choke tube thread/diameter etc. is not chrome plated and will rust. In the worse case the tube will seize in the barrel due to rust even though the tubes are stainless steel. My new M2 i bought yesterday had minor rust in the thread and machined area ...no big issue, i just removed the choke tube , cleaned the rust and lubed up the area. When i am done i will use a good choke tube lube or Militec-1 and go hunting. This is not unique to Benelli , new guns have machining/cooling residue etc. that can cause corrosion if not removed and the area lubricated during the manufacturing process. Also my choke tube wrench had rusty fingerprints on it . Must be hot in Italy.

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Drundel, what is your favorite choke tube grease..? For regular lubrication of the gun action system have you tried Militec-1. I just received my order and have yet to try it. Have seen quite a few positive posts on Militec-1. Larry

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I have miltec-1 as well. Its nice and think and I bet it will work just fine. But I have a lot of briley tube grease that I use, once it runs out, I'll probably pick between miltec-1 vs. fp-10.


last year my SBE was stove piping a lot late seaon using corosion-x as the only oil and i think it was just getting too dirty. my buddy had the same problem using rem oil. he went to fp-10 and i miltec-1.


i'm gonna do a test. clean both sbe and sbe2 VERY well and use miltec-1 one and fp-10 on the other and see which jams first.

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I researched the FP-10 and Militec-1 a couple of months ago. I summerized my research in the post:


SBEII Clean & Lube Procedures


Here is FP-10's 4 Product Corrosion Test with instructions of how you can reproduce their test.


Tom Knapp of course recommends the Benelli oil that comes with the gun, but more importantly in this thread, he gives his reasons for avoiding certain oils. super gets stuck


I decided to use FP-10.


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