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Travelling to Canada to Hunt?

shell waster

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I go to Ontario all the time to hunt and people are always asking me questions about getting their guns back and forth. If anyone is interested here are my common tips:


1) Register your guns in the US before you leave with US customs, it takes one minute or two. Stop at the border or go into the customs office at the airport with the make/model/serial, I do not recommend carrying your guns in. This will streamline your return when you can show a US customs form.


2) Contact Canadian Firearms Centre well in advance to receive the proper documents. The have a handy web site or call 1-800-731-4000.


3) Fill out the documents before you arrive at the border, or better yet fax them to Canadian Customs where you are crossing, keep the originals. Canadian customs fax number available on the web last time I checked. Cost is $50 at Canadian border.


4) Have a background check done by your local state police and bring it to the border. Make sure you take picture id. If your going to Ontario make sure you bring a US hunting licence, you'll need it in order to purchase an Ontario licence.


5) Borrower's permit- cost only thirty but must be done month's in advance if you borrowing a gun from an outfitter etc. Makes crossing easier but not using your gun.


6) Airports, good luck, I have never went through an airport but heard it takes up to an hour or more at busy airports (ie Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver). Try to fly into small airport ( Ottawa, Regina, Calagary etc)


7) PAL (Possesion and Acquistion Licence) the ultimate for crossing frequently. Requires going to Canada and taking a test (cost $35), Gander Mountain offered course at one-time and their are some testers that come to the US but costs much, much more. When you pass then you fill out another form, send in $60, months later you get your PAL. Once you have PAL go on-line register your guns at Canadian Firearms Centre (free). They send registration papers in a few weeks. Then when crossing the border you flash your PAL and registration papers and keep on trucking. I have personally have never been checked with the PAL, it makes life easy. PAL good for five years and probably will not have to take test again, just send money.


If you have any questions let me know.


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