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Federal, old vs. new


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I have been using some old federal 3.5" turkey loads, and have some old 3" and new with flitecontrol 3", and decided to figure out if there is any advantage in the flite control. I felt like shooting my newest gun, so I used my M2. I used the factory full choke. I put a 6" target at 40 yards and shot 5 of each and the old averaged 5.5 hits in the circle. The flitecontrol averaged just above 22 hits. I have to say that is a huge difference, but when I tested it with my superfull turkey choke in my 870 super mag it wasn't such a big difference. 29 hit average with the new and 21 with the old. Apperantly after you start using tight chokes it deforms the wad slightly and the pattern isn't as good as it should be. If I had an overbored barrel I would expect some unbeatable patterns with the flitecontrol wads. I am going to order some in 3.5" (can only get 3" localy). You wont be dissapointed with flitecontrol.

Here is a picture of Old VS. New:


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well, what does the flitecontrol do? What is the big difference? And I have a jellyhead superfull turkey choke. Do you think they would pattern okay with that choke?

I am not sure, the Benelli choke is tighter than the factory recommended restriction, and it is ported which is also not factory recommended, but they should still pattern much more than ok regardless.

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well, what does the flitecontrol do? What is the big difference?

The flitecontrol wad stays with the shot longer. As you can see in the picture, the wad does not have cuts in the shot column so it can open up, it is solid to keep it super tight. The wad is also heavier which with my testing the wads flew 2X as far as the old wads meaning they can keep up with the shot longer. This means it patterns like you are closer to the target/turkey. The flaps that open up in the back are so the wad flies strait and doesn't off set the pattern, just like fletching/feathers on an arrow. Good luck.

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