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  1. Hey guys.. first off let me say that I missed this place. It has been awhile and a lot has changed, but I hope most of the older members are still hanging out here since the last time I posted! It will be interesting to hear from you guys! The question I have today is about a magazine extension for a Benelli m2. A lot of guys like Nordic components or DMW extensions but I am one of those guys who like to squeeze as many rounds as I can in the tube before I pull the trigger. As I understand it, most +3 tubes will come flush (or just short) of the barrel (18.5") which is what I want. But as
  2. go with 24 and UP!..my supernova has a 28" barrel and it throws extremely tight patterns. Maybe too tight sometimes. I posted a picture a while ago with the picture of a flight control wad sticking into the paper and a hole in the turkey target the size of a lemon. All that was at thirty yards, while it looks cool, maybe it is a little tight, but if fella's can hit a turkeys bobbing head with a gobbler guilliotine, then i have faith I can do it with a shotgun! lol But barrel length doesnt really matter tho.. if you're recoil shy, then 28 is definately your choice, it adds alot of weight and wi
  3. takes less than 5 to kill a turkey...or ONE if you use a rifle...
  4. ohh baby.. down here in va, if you see turkeys struttin, you better pull the trigger before the 14 guys beside you do! lol. its survival of the fittest here. luckly last year I killed my big'in late in the season when all the other hunters had given up. My buddy and I have already shot 2 this year. Nothing special though. 6 and 8 inch beards ..
  5. ...if you ever kill anything with it, please, let us know... ..... We may be here a while.
  6. wtf.. never heard of badger barrels.. you gotta link.. i want one!
  7. a good choke tube and the right rifled slug will reach out and touch something at 100 yards.. but after that your gunna have to sneak up! lol
  8. go to your gunsmith and tell him to drill and tap it for you! cost me 35 bucks to get my SN finished. He put a weaver style mount on top and ive been using a 2-7X32 scope ever since.
  9. ishootkittens

    My M4

    +1 on the hello kitty sticker..
  10. Well im that .1 percent that doesnt own a gun safe..i have an old waterproof cabnet..lol.. but i usually like to store my guns in my hand.
  11. you dirty so and so... I gotta get a ruger now...

  12. please dont pick on o'bama...if you do... we will have to listen to o'tucka
  13. see the icq flower in the details on the upper right! dead give away! spammer all the way. 90% of the time!
  14. how far ya wanna shoot! cuz if your set on slugs or if a law prevents rifles, then you may not have to get a slug barrel! Rifled slugs work fine for me out to 100 yards. But if your talking about a 300 yard shot then you may wannna talk to someone else.. also.. if your wanting to buy a slug barrel...your better off buying a new gun! those things are expensive as **** for benelli's. I think remington has slug barrels for their guns for like 89 bucks.. but benelli's are up in the 3-4 hundreds! buy a nice savage rifle.. or a new remington! but id stay away from slug barrels all together.. t
  15. *this message can not be read because ISHOOTKITTENS is SUPPOSED to be on your ignore list* Id appreciate if I could remain on that list so that all your replies are directed some where else. But thanks for replying tuck... your doing a great job of ignoring me.
  16. more recoil whinners... stick with a .22lr if your gunna *****. Id hate to see what kinda man you are if shooting a 12 gauge was your test of man hood.
  17. indian creek. i dont have one.. but you should get one...
  18. yooo nice bird man! i already miss gobbler season!!!!!!!!!!!! Now its time to pull a big bass out off the nest! Then on to the old bucks!
  19. I got 112 at 35 yards but I didnt count at 40 yards with my undertaker choke! But go indian creek man... everyone will tell ya the same!
  20. i have an undertaker choke tube.. its nasty with federal flightcontrol! 4shot patterns the best for me.. but ALL guns are different. I used to ask the same questions.... but its all trial an error! i would try an INDIAN CREEK BLACK DIAMOND.. everyone goes nuts over it.. i just dont have the money for it right now.. im gunna try it and some HEVI-13.. but im guna take some time to work on my patterning since turkey season has come to an end.!
  21. those are fine slugs! but i hold 5in patterns AT 100 yards with the brenekes! its according how close you wanna get to that bear! Im not to fond of bear so ill stay with the breneke!
  22. dont you EVER regret pulling that trigger.. gah im so tired of the recoil panzies... its getting old.
  23. I think it states in the manual that if your gunna buy a benelli you cant B**** about having power.
  24. raised combs are a waste of money! i wont pay over 20 bucks for one! but you aint neva gunna find them that cheap! also good luck with that slug barrel! that will cost ya quite a bit of cheese too! If ya can buy a rifle! but if your not able to hunt with a rifle or just want a slug barrel.. goodluck! I would just get some peep sights and raise the scope a bit! See how comfortable you feel after you get it setup.. if you wanna shell out the doe for a raised comb.. go for it! thats up to you! buy the mounts and scope first! you may find that you dont need the comb.
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