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Benelli Gun Slings


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Originally posted by drakekillr:

Does anybody own a Benelli Leather Sling as advertised in Benelli Gear? I was wondering if the quality was as good as their guns. Or could a better one be had for the price?

I tried some aftermarket slings on my super black eagle II and the swivel on the bottom would not close. Tried some of Uncle Mikes swivels-same thing. Did not want to file down the part on the gun stock. Am awaiting an answer from Uncle Mikes on if they have any larger pin swivels.
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I bought a Benelli Leather sling from their gear page. It it terrible. Not at all as described. Their web page shows a Large Benelli Logo on the upper portion of the sling and they stated that it was made of premium grade double thickness leather. Far from the truth. Single thickness with a cheap leather pad. No Logo on the upper sling. It looks like there should be something there. Only a small Logo on the bottom of the sling. Maybe I got a second? Or maybe the latest shipment from China is a little different from the last one. I sent Benelli USA an email telling of my ordeal. No reply. 50 dollars is a little much for a 50 cent piece of leather, no customer support, or actually delivering what they advertise. I just hope I don't have any problems with the SBE2 that I just bought.

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