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Modified choke or not?

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Sorry this isn't a Benelli question but I know from experience that some folks on this forum will know the answer to my question: ... (AND, I AM a Benelli shooter!)


Just cleaned up my friend's gun... it was his father's gun, hadn't been cleaned since the last use YEARS ago and was filthy. Looks good now, though. It's a Belgium Browning Light Twelve with an inscription ""12-70" on the barrel (manufactured in 1970?). Can't find a choke description BUT I see two asterisks ahead of the "Special Steel 12 gauge" inscription. Do you suppose that the two "stars" mean modified choke??? I am hoping it is as he is going dove hunting with us in September and hasn't hunting in years. He needs a modified.


(Bet Tucker will know... hope he sees this but would certainly welcome any comments from anyone who knows!)

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You know, timb, I think you're probably right.. 70mm does = 2 3/4". Plus, if that gun had been made in 1970, chances are it would be a Japanese manufacture... isn't that about the time when the Japanese Brownings hit the market? This barrel clearly says "Belgium." Do you know where I look to find the year of manufacture using the serial number?

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