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Hunting slugs


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Originally posted by gunner76:

buy a bunch of different types and get what shoots best. I've had the best luck with Winchester BRI sabots in 12ga, 2.75'' 1oz.

I always search topics. This subject is all over the place with no definitive answers.


I like your idea gunner76 but that can be alot of $$$/time. I just thought that the Benelli slug bbls had a common denominator that would eliminate some of the guesswork for me. It seems that no one gets good accuracy with the Hornady's and most people like the Winchesters. I really would like to use the Hornadys since I use them in my rifles and muzzleloaders. Fedremchesters aren't really "appealing" companies to sink my $$$ into. They have plenty of $$$ already.


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