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SuperNova Questions


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New forum user, proud new owner of a Supernova.:D


Some newbie questions (for now).


How do I remove the cartridge limiter for the magazine?


This site only lists the owners manual for the Nova. Can I download one for the SuperNova? My gun did not come with one.


And last (for now), How to keep the gun oiled and protect the camo from cleaning damage (if necessary). Do I even need to worry?



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You need a pair off small needle nose pliers to remove the limiter aka plug. You have to unscrew the for end cap and take it off, put the pliers in the holes in the little tension clip aka spring retainer and compress it by squeezing the pliers and puling the retainer out slowly. After you get the spring retainer out, remove the red plug and put the spring and retainer back in the same way you took them out. BTW be careful when taking the retainer out because the spring is longer than the magazine tube and will shoot it out pretty fast and most tend to point it right at their face.

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I found some snap-ring pliers that did the job nicely. Now the spring just rests against the metal cap, instead of the nice plastic end of the limiter. Is this how it is supposed to be, or is there a shorter plastic piece available for the end of the spring, to mount on?

If you mean the spring retainer that holds it in the tube without the cap that holds the barrel on in place then yes this is how it is supposed to be.

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