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Plugs for SBEII


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I just received my Camo 26 inch LH SBEII. In reading the manual - loading. The manual indicates that the magazine can hold 3 - 3-inch or 3- 2 3/4 inch rounds. With one in the chamber that is 4 rounds. For duck hunting, I normally use 3 inch rounds and we are limited to 3 rounds. ------ Is there a plug that can be installed to limit the number of rounds to 3? I know that I will be checked sometime this upcoming season. :confused:

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I loaded 3 inch shells and found that I could only get 2 in the magazine. As you have indicated, there is a choke installed.


In Arkansas our season opens on November 19th... We normally shoot over decoys. Let me know how they perform... THANKS

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Reporting back on the Dead Zone tubes:

The pass tube seems too tight for most of my uses.

I took a woodie Thursday AM at about 40 yards using the decoy tube and he folded easily.

Other shots on woodies and mallards have ranged from 10 yards to 45 yards, and the D tube seems throw the Kent Fasteel 3's beautifully.


I shot a test blast on a stump in the water at about 35 yards and the one thing I noticed is that the shot string seems notably shorter with these tubes than it does with the factory chokes.

All of the shot seems to arrive on the target and nearly the same time.

This means my aim has to be better and accurate leading is more critical, but if I do my part, more shot will be delivered on the target at once.


Limits of woodies Thursday and Staurday, and a few mallards (one banded) thrown in for good measure.

I like the Primos D tube, and the P tube may make a good turkey choke. I'll test later for that.

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