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need help choosing a 12 ga


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I'm looking to buy a 12 ga semi-auto 28" barrel and have narrowed to four choices: Benelli Montefeltro; Browning Gold; Remington 1187; Baretta 390 teknys. I'm really leaning toward the Benelli. but need some input from Benelli owners. My 14 year old son will be using the gun also, so input on recoil will be appreciated. Thanks!

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I would rule out the Remington simply due to it's weight. I absolutly love shooting my 1187, but it's a bear to lug around because of it's steel receiver.


The Benelli seems like a great choice, especially if you are starting out a young shooter. You can start him on a 12" LOP stock and work him up as he grows into the gun.


As much as I love my Berettas, they are lightweight and fun to shoot, but they don't have the stock selection that the Montefeltro does. He would notice a bit more felt recoil in the Beretta as well.


Kevin M. Smith


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Make sure you really train your son on the proper way to mount the gun, especially creating the "pocket" on the shoulder to minimize recoil. Also, why not get him one of the Browning Reactar Shooting Harnesses? See it at http://www.outdoorsuperstore.com/store/products/productDisplay.asp?productID=430980 Mine really works well. Entire weekend of tactical shooting training with 150-200 slugs, 200+ 00 Buck and 200 or so birdshot and no problems. I swear by it. Along with a proper mount. Also, make sure he fits the gun - from trigger to stock should fit from finger to inside of elbow - if it is too long for him he will not enjoy it and have a hard time with accuracy.

Stay safe.



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