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OT - PJ's and Pedros


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I'm sure there's a Benelli M4 in there somewhere.


Another great read. "Pedros"






Some readers have gotten upset that I call them “Pedro,” thinking the name is secret. The concern is welcome but not warranted in this case. The Pedros don’t care and they even have a Pedro patch.





The Pararescue medics are often called “PJs.” The SEALs, Delta, Rangers and Green Berets all hold the PJs in high regard. Firstly, the PJs are among the best medics in the U.S. military (we have incredible medics—so that’s a significant statement). Secondly, PJs go through just about any combat training available, ranging from HALO to mountaineering to scuba.

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We used to carry these guys around alot when i was stationed at Clark Field RP also during their training here at Kirtland AFB NM and from what i was reading in your post the "Pedro" name came from Vietnam Helo Call signs for their support helo's, PJ's would be the only ones besides the Vietnam era PJ's that should even be concerned about this name issue? Just be thankful you are not cleaning those 2 big green feet off of everything you own which is one of their calling cards! Here at Kirtland AFB they like to climb the water towers and paint huge Jolly Green Giant Feet on side of towers 7 even C130's just for fun! BTW that was a great link and can't thank these guys enough for their commitment to their trade, they go thru like 2 years of training and none of it is easy and they trained with us on C130's all over the world! Glad to see their craft is being used daily for people that deserve the best!

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