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interchangeable?? M1/M3


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I have a M3 Super 90. Will a barrel from a M1 Super 90 fit a M3? Benelli says its a different part number.


My dealer thinks the M1 and M3 are basically the same and the benelli barrel (28") for an M1 he has should work.


Does anyone have a definitive answer???


Can anyone give me a link for a parts list for a M3 and M1?






[email protected]

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Hi David, Numrich has schematics available but I believe they charge for them and then e-mail them to you as a pdf


Start here for Benelli schematics:




You can also download the M1 super 90 manual for free from the Benelli site but I'm not sure if that includes the parts diagrams (which comes separate in print form) The manual can be found here:




Hope that helps,



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Well. If you noticed on the barrel of your M3 there are slots cut in the lug for the forarm. the M1 barrel dose not have these cuts for the forarm. even if it dose fit. you would be stuck with a shotgun that is most like A pump only. or B if not locked into the action bar. it would be semi auto but with a forarm floating around on the tube can then causing damage. all i can say is if you want a field barrel for it. do it right like me and go out and buy a 26 inch field barrel for the M3

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