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SBE bolt not locking


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When the cartridge drop lever is depressed it allows a round out of the mag. and also stops the carrier from lifting up. When I push the round button it locks the c.d.r. back in the original position. All looks and sounds normal. The bolt will still not lock back!


Sorry about the assembly comment. I only did a field strip which I have done 75 times.

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You should be able to look inside the receiver and see the lever pivoting when the button is depressed.

The only other thing that I know of that could cause this problem is if the cartridge drop lever spring isn't properly engaged.


If that's the case, the resistance on the cartridge drop lever should be weak to non-existent.


If it's not that, then I can't help you without laying hands on it.

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OK. I took mine apart and checked the operation.

When you press the cartridge drop lever, the aduible "click" is the carrier latch popping out.

This blocks the carrier (elevator) from coming up.

If you remove the upper receiver you can clearly see how that works.


When the carrier comes up it the bolt stop tooth down to release it from the notch that's cut into the bottom of the bolt.


Check your bolt stop tooth to see if it is broken or improperly installed.

Also check the bottom of the bolt to make sure that the notch has not been damaged and is allowing the bolt to slip forward when it should be locked open.


All of the above part names are from the Benelli parts manual.

If you don't have one, you download it from the support section of the Italian website at http://www.benelli.it/index.asp?Lan=EN


I'll try to put some pictures together for you as well.

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Upon further investigation, it appears that the breech bolt tooth is worn out. It strikes the bolt assembly at a different angle depending on the position of the c.d.l.


I also have had problems with carrier spring plunger popping out.


Your patient help led me to the conclusion about the bolt tooth. I called Brownell's today, talked to a tech. and went ahead and ordered a trigger assembly.


Ten years of heavy shooting should wear things out. I'll give an update later. Thanks. V

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