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SBE II Scopes


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Just wondering if anyone has had good / bad experiences with powered optics on thre SBE II / Steady Grip. I checked out a Nikon Monarch Variable Dot and it didn't make the grade (optically...diffraction rings...low brightness on the 1, 4 MOA dot settings) so I'm sending her back...Picking up a Nikon Monarch turkey scope (1.5 - 4.5x) instead....


In the meantime, having Gander powder coat an Advantage Timer pattern on a #93 Weaver base rail to match the gun...


FYI; the scope is coming in as Realtree Hardwood...curious if anyone has seen the match with an Advantage Timber SBE II?


Anyone bonked their foreheads with a scope?...scope eye relief is ~3.7 inches so it seems like I should get a safe distance on the mount...

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I have a SBE I with the Steady Grip and installed a Gilmore/Leapold red dot. I had problems mounting the Weaver 93 base with the supplied mounting screws. The screws were too short and only had about one thread engagement, the fromt screw would not even start. I got some longer screws from a gunsmith, had to grind them down some and now work fine. Just a heads up, hope you don't have this problem on the SBE II. How much did Gander charge to coat the base?





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$20 (on top of the charge for the base...a high $9.00)...speak to the gunsmith at the Middletown, NY store (goes by JT)....they cover the gamut with patterns, but the lead time is long...quoted ~7 wks...so my plan is to install a regular base, add the scope and get busy patterning...replace with the camo base and re-sight when it comes in...

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