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Vinci -- Initial Cleaning


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I bought a brand new Vinci last night.


I have always been an over/under shooter and this is my first semi-auto.


A friend of mine tells me that I need to strip down the whole gun, remove all of the grease with which it was shipped and then relube the whole gun.


The manual does not say this, and I figure the factory had more access to lube important parts than I will ever have.


What does this group think?

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That set of instructions is a throw back to the old days when gunmakers packed new guns with a heavy grease known as cosmoline.


Today's Benellis are not shipped this way, so pre-cleaning isn't really necessary.

However, I do like to take my new guns down and familiarize myself with them.


Well, I don't find it a throw back. They may not use cosmoline any longer, but preservatives aren't always lubricants. Additionally, many parts meant to operate dry may in fact be quite heavily treated. I'd never dream of shooting ANYTHING without knowing at least the barrel is clean.

I can't recall what info came with my Benelli M4, but I could have sworn it directed a thorough cleaning and lube period the first range session. I can DEFINITELY attest to the fact that FN DIRECTS it be done on all their stuff and I saw no less preservative on my M4 than on a FiveseveN pistol and PS90 that I bought at the same time. Same same for a Springfield SOCOM 16.


Furthermore, many people here you also suggest that you very aggressively lube the bolt area during the break-in period. So you're only talking a few seconds to wipe off carbon free parts prior to lubing anyway and running patch or two through the barrel. Why not spend a minute and get off to a good start with your new acquisition?

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Guest lenchnikin

What will he think of you?...


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There are many resources about the fallacies of The Da Vinci Code. Buy one of these books or The Da Vinci Delusion DVD.

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