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  1. Same sh*t. Different year.
  2. Glad to see you doing this work. You're going to save a number of people some headaches for sure. I'm going to PM you about a Cerakote job. You breaking down/ reassembling the shotguns around the coating work? I'd feel more comfortable knowing you were handling that piece of the effort.
  3. You never hearing about it hardly means it isn't true. I would never post a lie on this site and falsely harm a business. The worst abuses and lies occurred before you were even a member on this site. CC lied to me about the shipping of my tube on more than one occasion. That said, everyone has a right to take whatever abuse they wish to take from someone taking your money. I have to laugh though to also read about people wondering about charging handles. That's been another ongoing cluster f*ck for about two years now. Wanna talk about the replacement P-rails too?
  4. Carriercomp defines the term incompetent clown. Exposed as a fraud and inept buffoon that can't even execute basic business promises. Not a temporary issue, not a rare shipping stoppage, a history of business ineptitude. If you're stupid enough to do business with him you deserve what you get. Been reading (and living) this nonsense for years.
  5. Just be sure to put in the extra battery in with the proper orientation or you can have problems. It comes with a warning if memory serves. I also wrap the spare in Saran wrap. The O-ring in lieu of the battery has a history to shutting down the red dot on an AR-15 due to recoil. I can only imagine the issue on a 12 gauge. As has been noted, it takes awhile to need to change a battery in the T-1 so I don't think I'd buy another one. I picked up a third T-1 recently and didn't even bother to see if I could find one. It also comes with the typical ridiculous KAC pricing -- $37.44 for a
  6. BigHat

    Gun Stories

    Thanks. I probably have it on my LR Tivo as I have a "season's pass" for the show but didn't know it aired until this am. If not, I'll find it.
  7. BigHat

    Gun Stories

    MIssed the episode on the M4 that I think debued last night. Anyone see it and have comments?
  8. All of my old thread lock came off with the old tube. Could you have had a hard, dry gob of it in the threads of the receiver? Of course, it matters little as you got it on.
  9. It's even worse when you learn she is the one that actually introduced the House legislation on high-cap mags. In other words, she's the Democrat's subject matter expert. I love her pedantic, condescending style of talking while basically painting herself to be a moron. God help us. Go to her website or Twitter address and let her know she's a *******, my fingers are getting tired from typing such.
  10. Stranger, Not too crazy about doing a disassembly to your level. Did you friend just mail off the bolt assembly to get NiB'd? Know what that cost?
  11. I have some of the FL paste and spray CLP. I'm experimenting with it on a 1911. Are you guys using the FL solvent or relying on the cleaning properties of the CLP?
  12. What's wrong? The barrels aren't in his mouth.
  13. Damn! You do a really nice job on these. Worthy of a sticky. Not planning on doing this anytime soon, but this will be helpful to those that opt to disassemble to this level. Thanks for the effort and thanks for sharing.
  14. Same crap service for years, just new people exposed to it.
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