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Outstanding Customer Service!! Thanks, Benelli!!


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My Super 90 turkey gun was severely damaged in an accident a while back. I mean damaged to the point I was ready to trash it and start saving pennies for a new one.

I called Benelli on 11/23 and described the damage to them, hoping there might be some chance of getting it working again without it costing as much as a new gun. They said to UPS the pieces to them and they would look at them and give me a price quote on the repair---if it could be repaired.

Long story short--UPS brought the gun back today looking and working like new, except for a few scratches :D

They replaced the parts that needed replacing for a very reasonable price, and had the gun back to my door in 10 business days.

Everybody at Benelli that I spoke with during the process was great!!! The gunsmith that worked on my gun was one of the nicest, most helpful, and most professional people I've ever dealt with.


Thanks Benelli!!!!!

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Originally posted by wallhanger54:

So, have you taken it out for a spin yet? Let me know how it works out. J


I took 'er for a spin today. It shoots like a new one.Those guys do great work.

It puts Win. HV 3" #6's to point of aim with a wicked pattern!!

I just wish they had taken a little of the kick out of it when they had it at the shop :D

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