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Vintage Benelli ---pics


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thanks,,yes she is new to the collection,,got it from auction arms recently,,,they said its 98% and unfired,,,,it apears super clean,,I think it is as described,,,,it was built in 1983,,,,I'm very pleased with new member of my Benelli family,,,very hesitant to even think about firring it,,best to ya tucker301

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by no means is the 121 obsolete or second rate,,,its alot older and very unique for a Benelli shotgun,,estimated 50,000 built of all models between 1978-84,,out of that figure maybe 7% or so are for special purpose use,,,a fairly rare item in todays shotgun society,,,I would like to see a picture of your 121,,,, share and compare notes :cool: -------M1014

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I don't have the capability to send photos. That's probably good since I take horrible photos anyway.

Mine is just a normal 121 M1 with the exception of the stock finish. I got bored with the standard oil finish and gave it a nice even cherry/Danish oil finish. It didn't really start looking good until the 5th or 6th coat, but she's got a much nicer red glow to her now.

While I had the stock off I also repaired a small crack that appeared at the top of the stock behind the receiver. I assume it was caused by recoil. A little glue and it's hard to spot now.

I'll see if I can't find someone with a digital camera that could post some photos of it.

BTW, I'm glad to hear it's not obsolete.



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