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Benelli Super Nova (Shooting low)

john leccese

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I have been shooting shotguns for 50 years, O/U, Autos.

I recently purchased a Benelli Super Nova for goose hunting.

I went to the range to pattern the gun.

At 30 yards with IC and MOD choaks, 3" and 3.5" Mags, sight picture was back bead under front bead and target sitting on front bead. (6 o'clock hold)

The pattern is a little low with 2/3 of the pattern below the target. I did it free hand as well as bench rest. No difference. I don't see how the shims will help. My sight picture will still be the same. I took it to the trap range and it shoots very nice with lead and I covered the target as I normally do when shooting trap. I read that Benelli's tended to shoot high so you can watch the bird.

Why would the gun be shooting low for me? Thanks

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John, I am glad to hear I am not the only one experiencing this issue and honestly, I was flabbergasted when it happened and continued to happen over and over again. I was always wondering why I kept missing duck after duck and even some very close geese that should have both been in the bag. They used to call me old dead eye and even didn't like to hunt with me due to me killing everything that came my way! Not so with the Supernova!!! Anyway, I also decided to pattern the gun after all of these misses and found the same exact scenario! My Supernova is shooting about 20/80 with at least 80% of the shot going below my POA and possibly more even.... I was so upset with the gun at this point that I contacted Benelli directly and was told that there was nothing wrong with my 28" barrel since I told them I wanted to swap it out for a 26" anyway! Well, that got me nowhere and the gun is still shooting low! I have since listed it on Armslist to hopefully unload it and fix up my old Mossberg 500 and just use it going forward this duck season. If I had it to do over, I don't know if I would have made the purchase since I got it while working for a local gun dealer and got a decent discount on it! I have even purchased a Kicks Vortex choke which was rumored to have been made for the Benelli shooting Federal Black Clouds and no difference... I am dumbfounded....


IMG_0292 (2).JPG

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