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New member and couple questions (M2)


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Hello, new member and thought I start with two things that have been bugging me:


1. Regarding the CRIO chokes, has anyone noticed that they shoot tighter than other chokes? I started shooting with MOD, but have dropped to IC. Thinking about going to Skeet and/or CYL because the IC seems a little tight for dove. Can't hit jack up close, but long shots are better. May just be me....which leads to another question...


2. I assume everyone knows the M2 shoots a little high. About 60/40 I'm told. My pattern test confirms this. Has anyone tried the magnet beads to adjust this? Did it work better? I'm having a time with this gun (hitting stuff), but I don't have problems with other guns. Oh yeah....been through the fitting process, etc. Just never been very accurate with the M2 for some reason. Been this way since I owned gun (2 years now).....


thanks, jed

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M2s have a tiny bead installing a bigger bead will drop your POI and the gun patterning high means you need to shoot under the bird slightly not choke looser. What shim do you have in your gun?


As of tonight, I have the "C" shim in. The "B" shim was in the gun but I was seeing too much rib. The "C" shim lowered it a little and now I see less rib. Maybe that will help.....I'll take it out in a few days and try it out.



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