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  1. Febuary he?? I'm just trying to get thru January.....Colder than usual,more snow than usual....I hate winter.
  2. I would recemend a Indian creek or a Jelley Head using Hevi shot ammo 5,6 or 7 shot that does pretty well with the crio choke guns.
  3. Bass pro/cabales all carry the tube. I've noticed on my M2 that it will losen after several rounds never had this happen on other models
  4. Go To Benilli's web site and down load the owners manual for the M2 it will have the breakdown in their.
  5. Can,t speak for the cold weather but I've had mind dripping wet several times and have had no problems.
  6. kybagger

    Vinci's or M2

    Hello all, I curently own a M2 and really love the gun the best gun i have ever owned.A buddy was in town and we went to the local gun shop he wanted a Vinci and we have better prices here than in ala, I never really cared for the looks of the vinci until i saw 1 unclose and personnel. loved the way it felt. My question is the gun any better then the M2 or should I just stick with my current gun.
  7. I did buy 1 and try for a M2, was using H13 5 shot 2oz and some MB. I didn,t think it did very well or should I say i wasn't happy enough with it to use in the field, I'll stick with the IC.
  8. can someone walk me thru posting an attachment
  9. well went back to the patterning board today. made a few changes. put the orginal bead site back on. shot both MB and H13 #5 2oz also used both IC and the H13 choke. the H13 choke didn,t do well at all so went back to the IC.did well with the H13 #5 .All shots were from 35 and 45 yrds. if I can figure how to post pictures I will
  10. Yes u want the one for the SBE 2( crio) their was one on here forsale $50.00 Don,t know if it's still FS or not. I'm still debatting on wether the IC is the best choke for the m2 at least with the H13 As soon as I get my ammo (H13 #5and MB) I'm going to try JH and have ordered 1 of the H13 chokes.
  11. Thanks for everyone's input.I think I'm going to use the H13 #5 which is dead on.I guess I will play with the MB after the season is over.From what i'm reading and hearing the MB takes alittle work to get it right. Thanks again.
  12. I finally purchased a IC choke and a couple boxes of the new Hevi shot MB for my M2 26". set target at 40 yrds.First shot went left 2-3 inches. OK maybe I pulled it.Set up again same results,same results for the first box. So went back to the house to get a box of Hevi 13's 5 shot which I've used for a few years.first shot dead on. So u guys with more experence then me..what gives ?
  13. I'm half way between louisville and cinncy
  14. Hello, I have the same gun and use the jelley head and use heavy shot H 13 2 oz load and does what I want it too. I'm going to try the Indian creek this spring.
  15. Good deal..Let me know how it works out.
  16. Hello all, Anyone using a Indian creek choke in a M2 ? If so how do u like it is it worth the 80 for it. I have been using a jelly head with H 13 but have an itch to try this indian creek so would like to hear from anyone that has use this set up. Terry
  17. I stopped by 4 different walmarts and all have the winchester BF products. now I'll have to ride across the river to Bass Pro to get my BF. "Damn what ashame"
  18. I was in louisville today so I stopped by dick's and picked up the black and yellow stuff. It would be good if I trusted it it's half the price of the black and yellow label. but I beleive your right it's probley a co deal between the two companies.
  19. Hey guys I usually buy my break Free lube/cleaner at walmart. sent my GF TO PICK SOME UP FOR ME SHE COMES BACK WITH 2 CANS OF wINCHESTER bREAK FREE PRODUCTS.i CHECK THE LABELS WITH MY OLD LUBE AND CLEANER AND BOTH HAVE THE SAME ADDRESSES.bOTH HAVE THE bREAK FREE LOGO ON THE CANS.both made in usa so is this the real stuff or some knock off that Winchester is marketing. Sorry if this has already been address and I missed the post. the more I shoot this gun the move I love it.
  20. jed Mine was off a little,not bad but a little. One thing i read was using a nova front bead would bring down the poi. I installed one this past weekend and brought in down to damn near perfect.the larger front bead helped these old eyes.
  21. for the money.. Jelleyhead,Yet to find a gun it doesn,t like.
  22. I have used the stuff ever since it has been on the market. I'm sold on it.
  23. kybagger


    One thing i will say about this gun is that it is "sweeet".i now know why people talk about them the way they do. shot 1 box of heavy dove loads and 1box of heavy target loads thru it cycled find without a hitch. the real test will be when i pattern it for turkey season using the 2 oz loads. yes it does have alittle recoil but nothing like my 870 or my 935.now i'm mad at myself for putting it off for so long.
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