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  1. I talked to the folks at IC last year asking for direction on chokes. They put me into a Black diamond (665) for my new M2, 2 weeks later I HAMMERED a nice tom at 54 YDS (I actually thought he was closer) shooting 3" #6's Hevi 13 Shot. I will never go to a different choke or shell combo for my M2. I did this because of advice from this forum, there is a lot of experience floatin around here and good folks willing to share it.
  2. I shoot Hevi #6's through my IC choke in my M2 and the pattern is unreal. I dont think you will be dissapointed if you go with this combo, just my 10 cents.
  3. I had to throw a post in here, several weeks ago I was looking for advice on loads and chokes. I recieved a lot of good advice from you guys like MUDHEN. I wound up taking a great tom a few days ago. I will say that I have always told people not to shoot at birds further than 40-45 yards out, but it so happened because of my scooting farther back off the edge of the field and mis-judging the distance of this last tom that I hammered and I mean hammered him at 55 yds (I thought he was arounf 40-45 yds out), with my M2 and IC choke, 26" barrel, shooting a 3" 2oz load of #5's Hevi Shot. Once I dr
  4. Nice bird MH those are some tree hangin hooks!!
  5. I had the same problem initially with mine, buy a set of adjustable sights, I got tru glo but there are several good ones out there. And you can move the rear sight to accomodate your shot. If you have any issues with patterning talk to MUDHEN on this forum he apparently has tried about every choke/load combo out there and give you some good advice. Personelly I went with A IC .665 choke and #6 Hevi Shot and although I havent tried the 6's yet I was getting 250+ with HS #5s so the 6's should be nasty!!
  6. Slight correction to my wording the 40 holes I got with the nitro's and the magshok's were into the head/neck (hiviz target) area at 40yds and not a 10 plate. the Hevi shot was shot into the plate and it still got a little over 100 at 40. I was out of turkey targets at that point. P.S. My definition of Pis--- off is to spend $60.00 for 15 turkey shells and get home to find two of the shells werent crimped all the way and were leaking powder out the top!!! I do have some double rebate coupons,so it wont hurt as bad!
  7. Mudhen,,,O.K. here is the latest turkey gun tale, The only store around here is gander mt, so I went there and picked up their last box of magnum blend H-Shot, thinking that was all they had left for turkey loads in hevi shot I also grabbed a box of magshok's w/flight control wad #6s and went back to the paper sunday, This time I started at 30yds and with both the nitro 6's and the mag shok's (6's) I got around 140 ish holes in the 10" plate,,,,,,Then I shot a hevi shot mag blend (5,6&7's) at 30 and went up to 245 holes,,,,WOW what a difference. But then on the other hand at 40 yds the pat
  8. 45 High Cap, M1911 style and a Ruger Super redhawk in 44. One for the house and one for Stopping anything else that has a heartbeat!!
  9. Thanks for all the Info, those are some great groups! Like I said I need to get my hands on some different loads and spend some more time shooting (darn). Have you tried the Magnum blend?
  10. I need to try some H-13's but they are nowhere to be found around here, I started to ask, "dont you think #7s are a little light for turkeys" but if your putting 330+ pellets into a bird at 40 yds **** you can kill coyotes with that count. I still will try something different yet and will let you know how it comes out.
  11. Mudhen, is that 3" or 3 1/2" #7's. I agree with you I should get a lot tighter pattern than what i have now but I wonder what the pellet count difference is between the shell i shot and what you did??
  12. O.K. I made it out Saturday to try out the IC .665 in my M2 26" Brl, @40 Yds the pattern was a little left and low but it put 85 holes in a 10" paper plate, then I put one of those shoot and see turkey targets up and it put 37 holes in the head neck and upper body of the turkey that was with 3" #6 Nitros when it was 28 degrees and windy. I have a adjustable tru glo rear sight on it so I can compensate for the low left thing. I am still waiting for a calm warm day to do some more experimenting! Anyone else been doing any patterning with a M2?? If so tell me what you got I dont know if this patt
  13. Just got one for my M2 W/ 26" brrl but I also havent had a chance to pattern it yet. When I do I will shoot some 3" #6 Nitros through it.
  14. Thanks fella's for your help, I took it out last night just to see where it was shooting and it was patterning about a 10" high, I then shot about 20 clay's with it and I might of broke 4 birds. Soooo I pulled out the shims and adjusted the comb as to where when I looked down the rib all I seen was bead and no rib. The next 80 clay I probably broke 70 of them that made a heck of a difference!! Now like you guys said I have to decide on IC, JH or rhino in a .660 constriction. 100 target loads some 3' turkey loads and a couple buckshot loads the M2 dident even have a hiccup. I am tickeled to dea
  15. NRUT82

    M2, FULL Choke

    Does anyone know what the restriction measurment is on the full choke of my M2 that came with the shotgun when I bought it? Just curious I am debating buying a turkey choke. But I am going to pattern the full choke first,,,,Thanks.
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