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Went with the Nova!


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Hey guys,


I finally made a decision and went with the Nova Pump...Advantage MAX-4 HD®, 12-GA!



I put a deposit down but I couldn't bring it home cause I'm still waiting on Federal papers that allow us Canadians to buy and posses..


thanks for all you help... i cannot wait to bring her home...


btw, I paid $700 (tax in) for the camo. I cost $100 more than the black stock.

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Welcome to the Benelli Family! Hope you are talking 700 Canadian..:D

Either way Congrats.


Ya, 700 CDN - BUT our dollar is basically on par with the US dollar now... 96 cents!


the basic black stock is a lot cheaper and I don't know why... $520 (+tax)


Is $100 extra for the camo justifiable? I was debating as to whether I should even go with the camo or black... the dealer encouraged me to go with camo. Said it was better for turkey and duck


what are your opinions?


I can't wait to start firing!!!


thanks for your help...

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Hard to imagine that in any instance, that having camo in the field, would be a negative, as compared to shiny black. :)


Camo looks pretty cool anyway and the Nova a a nice shotgun. $100 will seem meaningless in a couple of years, of using an enjoyable gun.


I recently puchased a Supernova APG 12GA. I was considering black, but found one brand new in the local ad paper for $400 (the guy won it in a safety raffle at his job). Camo it is!!


No regrets here and you won't have any either.


Have fun.

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Camo is def the way to go if you are hunting Turkeys, because as they say if they could smell they would be impossible to hunt! IE, They can see and hear extremely well.

I had a similar scenario with my gun and got my SuperNova Max 4 HD for $375, I gave him $360! Guy did not know what he had, poor basstard.

Anyways Congrats on your new gun hope you love it. Send out some pics when you nail those birds!

Happy Hunting and be Safe!

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I have the Adv Max 4 for my Duck and Goose hunting. It's a perfect match with my hunting suit, hat and face mask. I almost don't need a blind. I find I stand out more with a blind and it's simply easier to blend with the field. I would never go without my camo. In fact, I'm surprized they even sell any black ones.:cool:

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A family friend said I should have gone with a semi-auto Benelli. He said for waterfowl (faster) and just plain convenience the semi is better... Plus, it has a bit less recoil


Thoughts? I only put down a deposit so I could go with the semi. What is the semi equivalent?

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Somewhere, someplace, there probably is a waterfowler, that can limit out regularly, using a bolt action shotgun. :)


Why not have a little more challenge with a pump? If you find you can't hit anything, upgrade to an semi-auto.


Get the shotgun YOU want. A semi-auto will cost nearly double the Nova price.

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