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Who sells factory pistol gripped stocks for the M1S90?


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You can find em on the gunforums...The Firing Line,THR,AR15.com...etc...I bought one for my M3 which is hte same..for about $80 shipped...


I've got one thats for a M4 if anybody is interested....Never used it..came with my 11707...will never need it or use it...whats it worth???

Stay Safer! smile.gif

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Do you have any experience with the Speedfeed stock? I am thinking about going that route due to the fact that it has a shorter LOP. The factory Benelli stock is about 14.25" (I think), and feels a tad too long for me. I wish I could find a stock that is about 13.75", but I can't. The Speedfeed has one that's 14" and one that's 13". I will likely go with the 14" LOP stock.

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The Benelli PG stock I bought off of THR is a shorty 13"..Fits Body armour great..& anyways I prefer the shorter stock fit..

I've got a speed feed PG stock that I originally had for a Mossy that comes with all the adaptors for different brands..Mossy,Remy ithaca..etc...not sure if they make an adptor to make it fit a Benelli...I don't like the PG finish as much as the rubber grip on the Benelli

I've got a Standard PG Benelli Stock for an M4 I'll never probably use..

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