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what's your favorite optic for the m4?

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Why would I have an optic on a HD shotgun? Just how long a shot have you got in your house?


LOL ... Hey now. I can see your point; but a non-magnified parallax-free optic with a high-visibility illuminated reticle is just as valuable at short range as it would be at long range. Ultimately, you have to know that you're going to hit what you're aiming at and nothing else. And having such an optic serves to take cheekweld and sight-alignment out of the aiming equation. That's a big deal in a high-stress situation; which I would assume one would be in if he/she ever had to pull the trigger in his own abode.

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well said LeoAtrox, espcially considering that you can shoot with both eyes open, therefore knowing exactly where the lead will go, while having full peripheral vision, compared to using iron sights.


€: i had to look up the fourth war on wikipedia, and no, didn't see it. guess it was before my time ;)

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