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  1. Dear Boy, I've been on this site quite a few years longer than you, go look up my Profile. How about you mind your own Business.
  2. Offer still up, 14" M4 waiting for it's rails!
  3. You said it yourself, they don't want to get an export license. Of course that's up to them, still it's not like ITAR can't be dealt with. I can forward you my correspondence, no problem. And yes, the one that got home by plane is sitting nicely on my M4.
  4. It's a picatinny rail. Not a night vision device. And yes, I've contacted the corresponding authorities, they don't care. A friend brought one home by plane in the handluggage, he even asked customs before getting on the plane, guess what. No problem at all. So no, it's got nothing to do with ITAR, Sidearmor just uses this as an excuse not to ship overseas.
  5. Hey Guys! Is there any US citizen willing to help out a fellow M4-nut by forwarding a Sidearmor Rail System to Germany? Planning to get the entry-system for my 14" M4... Of course I'm gladly willing to pay for the service! Just shoot me a message! Thanks a lot!
  6. Dude you're in the wrong forum I'm afraid. This is Benelli shotguns...
  7. I'm also interested what Sideamor suggests in your case! Did you contact them already?
  8. I know, I've got the MKII with 8 shell holder. I truly love it. I'm just worried about the crappy receiver of the M4.
  9. Thanks for you answer. I used Loctite, and so far I'm happy with it, but you made a point there, the full rail system is a heavy piece of metal, mainly held in place by 5 TINY screws in the receiver... If I go for a second M4, I might go with Kips rail, though I really like the shell holder of the sidearmor system.
  10. Hey Stranger, sorry to interrupt in this thread, but did you ever have problems with your Sidearmor rail system, like ripped out threads? I read about that in another thread, but didn't seem common to me til then. I'd be thankful for you insight.
  11. xamoel


    Sure you are right here??
  12. 2 late already watched it... Hillbilly inbreds, what they did to their M4 is appalling. And his "son" has no idea whatsoever of proper shooting techniques.
  13. OMG, what kind of crap is hanging of this M4? Absolutely terrible, and watching the other guy shoot really made me laugh. "Incredible power" at 4:01, shotgun vs melon. Wow, I'm impressed.
  14. Has this happened to anyone before? Just wondering.
  15. How comes a blue laser isn't traceable? I mean it's still a source of light, isn't it? Or do you mean traceable with NVG?
  16. What on earth has this rifle to do with ANYTHING Benelli?
  17. xamoel


    Why? Who's second account are you?
  18. Will the new trigger group come with all the springs needed?
  19. Dunno, I have the OEM 7 round mag tube.
  20. I posted that about 5 times now. Here ya go. Gotta scroll down a bit though. http://www.benelliusa.com/forum/showthread.php?t=21803&highlight=xamoel+nordic&page=2
  21. I have a Nordic Components +2 extension on my M4. Works just fine, Nordic makes some high end products.
  22. Great work! How sensitive is it to different ammo?
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