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M2 short recoil pad


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Does anybody know where to order the shorter recoil pad for the M2?


When I bought this gun, I assumed BOTH pads would be included, like the Beretta 391.


The M2 came with NOTHING!!..except for the 5 different chokes.....NOT even a choke wrench!!!

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X-5 - The choke wrench shoulda' been included ... get ahold of the place where you purchased the gun and have them get one for you ... or save yourself the hassle and pick one up ... the thinner recoil pad is an 'option' ... you're going to have to flip for that on your own ... I'd try brownells first.


good luck


[ 06-17-2004, 07:04 AM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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Camo - I suppose you expect a Snap-On ratchet driver and a gun boy too .... heck why not gold plate the thing while you're at it !?!?




flat, compact and, *SIMPLE* ... the way it should be. I can't believe some guys have even the thought of complaining after the purchase ... I don't get it!?! did you not know what you're buying??


I suppose the fact that for @ $1,200 the plastic hard case it comes with is totally unacceptable too...


...and people wonder why some animals eat their young....

:confused: :confused:


[ 06-18-2004, 07:18 PM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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