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Benelli Nova 18 1/2" barrel


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What rear sight? Thats why I'm buying this barrel, for the sights. That and the compactness, and a lot of other advantages. Right now I use my 28" nova barrel w/ IC choke and a scope. Its plenty accurate to 50 yards and the scope is low powered enough to see the entire deer at 25 yards. But the main reasons I want this barrel are


1 sights-this way I don't have to sight it in each year

2 compactness-I mainly hunt in blinds, and the 28" barrel is hard to menuver

3 security-I want to use this with #2 buck for home defense when the seasons over

4 3 1/2" chamber-mainly for buckshot (illegal to hunt with) but I also want to try light fields 3 1/2" slug

5 coolness-no one admits it, but a short barrel is cool. I just love the boom short barrels give


I also might get the 24" rifled barrel (one or the other) but I'm leaning towards the SB short barrel more. I don't need sabot slug accuracy, 4" at 50 yards is fine. Where I hunt if a deer is 25 yards away, its 10 yards into thick brush.


Thanks for the reply, I have been wondering this for a while.

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I'm going to reverse my suggestion for a rear sight, (unless you really want to go that route). You can certainly add one, but it would seem pricey and needing a gunsmith, (unless there's one I don;t know about, which is possible). If you add the 18.5" smoothbore, I'd add a rail and get a red dot...The 18.5" smoothbore is a laser beam with Brenneke KO's, Federal Flight Control or other smoothbore slugs. That way, you can just pop off your red dot and go back to bird hunting etc...

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You're all set then...Front sight is adjustable for windage and elevation, so have at it...The 3.5's will be a bit of a let down. I'm a recoil-junkie myself and was amazed at how soft they were out of this Benelli. Just a superb gun...They definitely go boom for sure, but not like you'd expect...Enjoy!

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Thanks for the help, I will definately try to buy this barrel. If I buy a whole gun, and only use the barrel, what should I do with the left-over 1/2 a gun?



If you buy a new gun then you have two guns. One for HD and deer hunting and one for clays,bird hunting,whatever. Or send it to me, I'll pay the shipping.:cool:

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