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  1. Try a different brand of ammo, it will fix misfiring problems 90% of the time.
  2. What I do is run a thing soaked in lead or powder remover and let the barrel sit 30 minutes. Then I take a wire brush and go back and forth for a while, then run something to dry it through. I do this 3 times or until its out. I only soak it 1 time. It sucks but it just has to be done.
  3. I haven't heard this happening, but I would think either 1, the load is old or crap, or 2, the spring isn't strong enough. You can replace this on your own, Im not shure of the cost but im sure its under $50. Try brand new shells first.
  4. Its benelli's 10th aniversery of the super black eagle, and It will sell for well over $2000, $4000 being no surprise.
  5. look down the barrel, its very simple. Anything will come out the barrel its just that sabot slugs need spin to be stable and shot needs to be patterned. So if your a throw it in pull the trigger kind of guy, put in the cylinder choke and any type of ammo will fly out.
  6. what about it? its more of a collectors item, and with the price that will sell for, I'd be afraid to fire a shell through it. The super black eagle is more of a duck gun than turkey gun, at least that one is.
  7. my nova has almost always been flawless with 0 jams ever, but the 1 issue is when I put on my scope mount. If I tighten the screws too tight it squeezes the mecanisms too tight and the flap wont go down. I just loosen and it ejects agian. I suggest you call benelli, they will either give you an answer or have you send it in. I think you have a faulty gun.
  8. yes, I really dont like option 3, but #2 and #3 both have equal benefits. Im 15 so seeing wont be a problem for a number of years. I'll have a diferent gun by then.
  9. I got a solid 3" group @50 yards with 2 3/4" brenneke black magic short mags in my 3 1/2" 28" ribbed barrel. I didn't like it because 1 it only has a bead, and hits 2 feet left and 3 feet hight (shoots perfect with shot:confused:) 2 28" is just unbearable to menouver, I had to use a 2 person blind otherwise I'd rub the end on the side and would alert deer. I know people think Smoothbore=Bad groups but I have seen smoothbores with beads shoot a solid 3 1/2" group at 100 yards. Sure rifled barrels can extend my range to 200 yards maybe 6" groups, but where I am 100 yards is already in brush.
  10. I cant decide on which barrel to get, they are all so good. I hunt at close range, 100 yards being a long shot. 1 24" rifled slug barrel w/ scope mount . I like scopes . Scope always in alignment . easy to reload for . accuracy to +150 yards - this would be good for long range shooting, however with a proper low power scope it would be great in low light close range conditions, without the cost of the rifle sight cousin. 2 18 1/2" smooth bore w/ iron sights . 3 1/2" chamber for light fields slugs, and mag buckshot . home defense capabilities (intruders wont like a 3 1/2" mag of #2 buckshot) . great for in brush, or blinds . accuracy to 100 yards - this barrel would be good because I hunt in blinds and stands mostly, a shotgun w/ 28" barrel is hard to maneuver. With light feilds 3 1/2" slugs, any deer within 100 yards I wouldn't expect to get far. 3 24" rifled slug barrel w/ iron sights (Ithaca barrel) . nice fiber optic sights . no-rust matte barrel . easy to reload for . accuracy to 125 yards - this barrel would be good with its glow sights because I hunt in a kind of dark area, but I just don't need that much range, and this tends the be the most expensive
  11. Though I didn't know Benelli made a handgun, I know your pain. Benelli is a great company and makes great products, but they have one of the worst customer support I have ever seen. It takes up to a year to get a barrel, I cant even imagine what it must be like the get custom parts. Good Luck.
  12. I use a modified choke and get a 40" pattern at 30 yards. It is a fairly large pattern by my standards, but whats amazing about BC it it has so much power. 2 pellets of BC's special FS steel is equivalent to 3-4 regular steel pellets hitting. That and it drives very heavy payloads at very high velocity's, black cloud is the ultimate in steel shot. I have yet to find a load that patterns good in my mod choke. My IC patterns better.
  13. you can get a new fiber optic bead at alot of places for around $10, it just screws in.
  14. Shot, clean it every time, slugs, clean it after the seasons over. If you clean it, the friction wont be the same and the slug will hit in a different place, shot, it doesnt matter.
  15. I love my fiber optic bead on my nova. Its all a personal preferance thing but I personally find the fiber optic bead to be better than a metal bead, in basically all ways. Its 1 downfall is you cant put magnetic sights over it. But I use a red dot for turkey hunting so it doesnt matter to me
  16. I put an IC in my nova and got a B-square scope mount (28" bird barrel) I put a 3x zoom handgun scope on it and with a few shots, I was shooting a 4" group at 50 yards with remington 1oz sluggers and sitting in a chair.
  17. If you want the most bang for your buck, get the carlson extended choke, but a $80-$100 Indian Creek will give better performance. But like tyson said, with the right combo, the carlson might be better, you never know.
  18. Thanks for the help, I will definately try to buy this barrel. If I buy a whole gun, and only use the barrel, what should I do with the left-over 1/2 a gun?
  19. I don't know about you but the one i'm talking about already has a rear sight. I only like slugs that hurt. It only personal preference, I just like the feeling of recoil. I'm a big person, the 3 1/2" slugs should be fun.
  20. For home defense I give nite-sights an A+, but for hunting all they do is glow when your tring to hide from deer early in the morning. I prefer fiber-optic, when I see it glowing, Its time to shoot.
  21. What rear sight? Thats why I'm buying this barrel, for the sights. That and the compactness, and a lot of other advantages. Right now I use my 28" nova barrel w/ IC choke and a scope. Its plenty accurate to 50 yards and the scope is low powered enough to see the entire deer at 25 yards. But the main reasons I want this barrel are 1 sights-this way I don't have to sight it in each year 2 compactness-I mainly hunt in blinds, and the 28" barrel is hard to menuver 3 security-I want to use this with #2 buck for home defense when the seasons over 4 3 1/2" chamber-mainly for buckshot (illegal to hunt with) but I also want to try light fields 3 1/2" slug 5 coolness-no one admits it, but a short barrel is cool. I just love the boom short barrels give I also might get the 24" rifled barrel (one or the other) but I'm leaning towards the SB short barrel more. I don't need sabot slug accuracy, 4" at 50 yards is fine. Where I hunt if a deer is 25 yards away, its 10 yards into thick brush. Thanks for the reply, I have been wondering this for a while.
  22. No one owns a nova with 18 1/2" barrel?
  23. If you want a great performing choke for under $30 get Carlson's extended full choke (.695).
  24. I am looking to buy the smooth bore 18 1/2" barrel and have one question. Are the sights on this barrel adjustable? I have seen pictures and it looks like it can only be moved left and right. The up and down is very important because I'm looking to deer hunt with slugs with it. Thanks for the help.
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