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Getting the barrel on new MR1

Hostile Tree Sloth

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I picked up the new MR1 yesterday. Of course, it comes with the fore end and barrel off. Even after reading the manual, I can't get the barrel on. I may be being too timid, not wanting to force anything, but I can't get it to line up and fit in place.



This is my first Benelli of any sort. Is there some trick to this that I'm missing?

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Here is the simplest way,

1- Stand the gun upright on the butt pad and with one hand hold it up and with the other bring the barrel into place.

2- Slide it onto the reciver lining up the bolt link, bolt rails and expansion chamber over guide rod/piston assembly.

4- When you get to the point where the link contacts the recoil spring plunger you will need to push the bolt back. At the same time you will also need to push the barrel assembly back also.

5- You will get it 98% of the way together and you will then need to be very careful. The manual says to just push but this will rip the guide rod o-ring. When at 98% grab the stock and twist the expansion chamber while pushing just a little to seat it.


By the way make sure the piston and guide rod are bone dry or you will have a mess the first time you clean it.

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