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I've had my SBE 2 for 5 years and it has worked beautifully......until this year. It's really starting to hang up, throw out an empty hull and the next shell in the same cycle, stove pipe, you name it. 3" or 3.5" doesn't seem to make a difference. I tried to take the gun apart, though it didn't look very dirty, and clean the bolt and inside of the receiver. I used Break Free on the parts when finished and it didn't seem to help. I have not attempted to clean the tube and spring in the stock yet, though that's probably next. In 5 years I've probably only shot 8 - 10 cases of shells through the gun. Do you think that warrents a check of the stock spring and tube?... I thought Benelli had made improvements to those parts with the SBE 2. Any info would be helpful.

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My bad. After posting my message I found the search feature for this forum. I entered cleaning SBE 2 and found a great post from DuckFan about maintaining a SBE 2. I will try giving the recoil spring some attention without removing it and see if that works.

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