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  1. Kip, thanks for the update. FWIW I would REALLY love to buy a blem from you. Haven't been able to use my T1 on my M4 since I bought it Would definitely purchase a blem!
  2. I used the Black Cloud, worked well for me
  3. Yeah give the recoil spring some TLC! I did the same thing and it basically fixed it out for me.
  4. nsprengN1

    SBE 1

    Thanks, great info, very appreciated
  5. Nice thread, lots of good user submitted info! Thanks guys
  6. Break-free CLP when I can. It's a machine so I treat it like one. No need to over clean, or under clean
  7. Wow that is the life! Nice pics thanks for sharing!
  8. Hm. Very interesting. Might try them out.
  9. Wow, what a gun! Thanks for sharing
  10. Making me question the demand of what I still perceive to be a fine rifle. Able's and Impact are OOS and say they need to order directly from Benelli (7-day lead time). Can't find them locally either. Gunbroker is even dried up in the config I'd like. Looking for 11753 - R1 .30-06 Black Synthetic 22"
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