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Vinci Safety change


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Yes, I have the parts drawing blowups. Since I am a newbie to this board, I don't believe I can send any private mails to anyone until I have more posts. I am able to scan the pics into a jpeg file but don't know how to get it to you. faxing is also possible. Any suggestions?






post a few more times to get to 5 (even random I'm just trying to get the count up posts)


upload the jpegs to a place like photobucket


put them in your posts using the insert image button


There was a guide around here for doing this but I can't find it right this second...

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That's ugly.


Somebody put it together, so in theory somebody can take it apart and put it back.


Obviously, the spring and plunger need to be accessed and removed. Then the safety button can be flipped around for LH use.

It appears to me that the following parts will need to be removed, at the very least, in order to get to the plunger and spring.

Disconnector, Hammer Link, Hammer, & Disconnector Assembly.

It's hard to tell without the benefit of being able to hold the assembly and turn it in different directions.

I'd take pictures of the assembly, study it, carefully remove the necessary parts, taking more pictures along the way.

It may not be as bad as it looks, but it looks pretty darned bad. :(

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What is interesting is that the "Hammer Link" is available in both RH and LH variations.

That may be a clue as to what's next in the future of the Vinci.


I think most gun makers test the waters with a right-handed version. If sales and performance are strong, then they'll consider doing a LH version.

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Can anyone give me details or instructions on how to change the safety on the Vinci from right to left handed? Customer Service told me it was possible before I purchased the gun. I contacted two local gunsmiths after purchasing it and they wouldn't touch it.




Don't know why your gunsmiths wouldn't touch it - the ones round here work on Benelli products all the time and have no problem with it.


What does the manual say about doing this?


Uncle Russ

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Thank you to timberdoodle and others. I purchase a vinci in march and asked my gunsmith to change safety and he said that he didnt want to because of warranty issues. I was cleaning it today after a afternoon of shooting and started searching found this thread 30min later left hand safety. It is quite easy to change only 2 pins to remove and depress safety spring. Im not a gunsmith. Thanks to all

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