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I want an M2 Opinions Please


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I have decided after much thought I want an M2 with a wooden stock. I have a Benelli SN in Max 4, A Beretta 391 Syn and a Browning Cynery in 28Ga for quail/dove. I want a gun that will pretty much be an all around. I have a Stoeger 2000 wood. I added a limbsaver pad and a better sight and I have not had any problems with it at all. Just want the actual real thing. I know some will say be happy you have a cheaper one already. But the ID is different and the fit and finish should be a lot nicer.


My question is I have searched and the lowest cost on the M2 is about 1k is this normal or should I look more at certain retailers? Would a used one be a good buy? Its Christmas I want a new gun lol.



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Yes, get yourself an M2, bottom line. I currently have two(26" Comfortech outfitted with raised comb pad and Hi-viz sights, and 28" walnut w Burris Speed Bead, both have complete set of Comp-N-Chokes). And I use them for ALL of my clay sports as well as any bird or waterfowl hunting I do. The are truly Benellis workhorse and worth EVERY penny i paid, i recommend them to anyone looking for a new shooter. As for price, you should be able to find a walnut M2 for between $900-$1099, just have to find the right retailer. The local shop that i use regularly has it for $1099 and strangely enough the Cabelas out here had it for $900.

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